Thanh Dong Organic Farm

Healthy Community - Happy Farmer

Thanh Dong stands as the pioneering organic vegetable farm in Hoi An, borne from a collaborative effort involving Cam Thanh PPC, the Hoi An Economic Department, and the Action Center for City Development. Spanning 6,386m2 of land and nurtured by the labor of 10 dedicated households, Thanh Dong Organic Farm commenced its journey in May 2014, cultivating organic produce. In 2016, recognizing the growing demand of our customers, we expanded our farm by an additional 4000 m2. Today, Thanh Dong's organic vegetables hold the esteemed recognition of Hoi An PGS certification, a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Thanh Dong is not just a farm; it's a successful case study in sustainable development, seamlessly combining farming with tourism. Our model exemplifies how agriculture can thrive alongside tourism, fostering economic growth while preserving the environment.