About Us

Welcome to Thanh Dong Organic Farm, the pioneering organic vegetable farm nestled in the heart of Hoi An. Established in May 2014 through a collaborative effort involving Cam Thanh PPC, the Hoi An Economic Department, and the Action Center for City Development, Thanh Dong Organic Farm spans 6,386m2 of land. Nurtured by the labor of 10 dedicated households, our farm began its journey with a commitment to cultivating organic produce.

In response to the growing demand from our valued customers, we expanded our farm in 2016 by an additional 4000 m2. Today, Thanh Dong Organic Farm holds the esteemed recognition of Hoi An PGS certification, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.

Generation to Generation: Master Chef – Mr. Nhanh

In an era where the younger generation increasingly turns away from farming in pursuit of other economic opportunities, Mr. Nhanh stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation. After graduating from vocational college, Mr. Nhanh gained valuable experience working in numerous restaurants and hotels in Hoi An. Armed with a blend of formal education and traditional culinary wisdom passed down from his mother, Mr. Nhanh made the bold decision to leave his conventional 9-5 job. He returned to his roots to work alongside his farmer parents, merging modern techniques with age-old traditions to create a unique blend of tourism and farming.

Our farmer

Our farm is a testament to the dedication and hard work of 10 families who tirelessly nurture our land. They are the backbone of Thanh Dong Organic Farm, embodying the spirit of sustainable agriculture and community cooperation.